Green cities celebrate a sense of community

ROODHOUSE — Greene County Days organizers couldn’t have asked for better weather for a parade and the revival of a Roodhouse tradition.

Saturday’s events at Roodhouse began with a Veterans Tribute Parade that highlighted Greene County flags and royalty. Every branch of the military was represented. The North Greene FFA held a parade of flags and a float honoring veterans. Of course, queens and princesses representing the Greene County Fair and Greene County Days, past and present, were in the procession.

“It was our best weekend in at least five years,” Roodhouse Police Chief Kyle Robison said. “It was tough in 2020 and 2021 because of COVID, and the weather was an issue before that. But the weather this weekend has been great and people have come out to have fun.”

The parade was for veterans because 9/11 fell during the festival, Robison said.

“A lot of people died, so we have the freedom to do that. Our overall theme is everybody come out and have fun,” he said.

Robison, who is also the lead volunteer for the Roodhouse portion of the festival, said volunteers from all city and community departments do it all.

“We started planning in early July because we already know what it’s going to look like and what we’re going to do,” Robison said. “But we kick into high gear about three weeks into the event. Then we’re running at the cafe.”

The volunteer chef spoke as he worked a paddle and stirred one of the many large pots of burgoo that were to be served at dinner time on Saturday.

“Roodhouse had a burgoo until about five years ago. Now we’re trying to bring it back. It’s the first time many of us have done it. We’re learning about it from some of the old timers who cooked it, but they’re holding on pretty tight to some of their secrets,” Robison said.

“We have the original Roodhouse recipe. I don’t know how old it is, but I’m 36 and it was way before that,” Robison said. “We cook it during the day because we decided to suffer from the heat.”

Burgoo was sold by the bowl, liter or gallon, with proceeds going to the Roodhouse Police Department Youth Fund. Robison said the fund buys things for kids, like the new movie screen for outdoor shows and events like Chill’n with the Police where they serve snacks and drinks to kids.

Robison said one of the highlights for him was the music in the park on Friday night.

“It was a good thing because people were sitting on benches or at tables, listening to music and talking. No cell phones, just people talking to each other. Kids were running around. It was great” , said Robison.

Roodhouse wasn’t the only community celebrating Greene County Days.

In Carrollton, the Greene County Historical and Genealogical Society has hosted tours of the historic Lee-Baker-Hodges Building, showcasing the 1820s. It houses a genealogical library, museum rooms, and artifacts from Greene County’s early days .

In Eldred, the Illinois Valley Cultural Heritage Association has organized tours of the James J. Eldred House.

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