Give your home a vintage makeover with these antique pieces

We are always looking for something or the other to add to our home decor. Along with indoor plants, beautiful curtains, and pretty wall hangings, antique pieces are the next things to give your home a bit more character. Vintage antique decorative pieces can totally change the look and feel of your home.

So we’ve compiled a list of some vintage antique decorative pieces that can give your home a chic vintage vibe:

Ancient Roman wall clock

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There’s nothing that screams vintage quite like a classic Roman wall clock. The antique wall clock, which features classic Roman numerals, makes your wall look beautiful. Its rustic finish makes it more attractive.

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Vintage craft brass horse head

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This decorative horse head piece will really enhance the look of your accent table. According to some vastu experts, it also brings positive vibes to your home.

Vintage metal motorcycle

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This vintage metal motorcycle is one of the most famous and requested vintage decorative pieces. This is the item you will come across after years of thrift shopping in antique and vintage stores. There is something unique and eye-catching about it and that is the timeless old school look. Especially people who love vintage bikes and items will always be looking for this piece if they don’t have one.

vintage wooden telephone

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While you won’t be able to chat with friends and family over this eye-catching centerpiece, you’ll have plenty of fun running your fingers over its rotating dial. This all time favorite classic vintage telephone has a wood and brass finish which makes it more attractive and one of the most sought after and valued vintage antiques.

Vintage school bell wall lamp

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This pretty vintage school bell wall lamp will totally change the atmosphere of your home. You can also place these lights on your home entrance, living room and home hall. Install these wall sconces to complete the retro look of your home.

Vintage stool in printed wood

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Wooden stool in vintage print and floral print, the shape is a perfect addition to your vintage section. Wooden legs and a lovely velvet or floral print cushion on top make this piece more beautiful and attractive.

Vintage antique wooden coffee tray

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This antique wooden coffee tray is one of our favorite vintage decor pieces for women. Use it to serve snacks to your guests or you can also place it as an antique decorative piece in your display case.

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