From Gearing on the Gravel to Grooving on the Rocks, India Bike Week and Jameson have brought bikers together

If you haven’t encountered the cycling community in India up close, you haven’t really felt the pace and nerve in life beyond us. And if you’re in the same circle, you know what I’m talking about! Adrenaline, thrill and brotherhood without gender discrimination or otherwise, whatever the bikes. In fact, the curtain has just fallen on India Bike Week 2021, Asia’s biggest motorcycle festival that has drawn motorcycle enthusiasts from across the country and beyond. It took place in Aamby Valley, Maharashtra, on December 4th and 5th. For two days in a row, India Bike Week hosted the biking fraternity in India, which was at the rendezvous with Jameson – and it was as smooth as ever!

Even though the number of tickets sold for IBW 2021 was limited with mandatory masks at all times among other appropriate COVID protocols (riders had to be fully vaccinated, or have had their first shot and a current negative RTPCR report that is not dated more than 48 hours), nothing could dampen the morale of the gang. With the biggest names in bike design and manufacturing, the showcase of desirable vintage and custom machinery, paired with a wide range of biker goodies on sale, Big Trip stories, delicious food, chilled drinks , live track experiences, stunt shows, ‘IBW 2021 – The Special Edition’ turned out to be the best motorcycle weekend of the year.

It started with a Big Trip virtual debut screening of “18,603 FT – Harleys on the Roof of The World”, which was followed by world-renowned custom motorcycle builder Maxwell Hazan’s address to the crowd in a video. registered exclusively for IBW 2021. Many beast makers like Kawasaki and Honda have released the magnificent Z 650 RS and CB 300R, as well as the anniversary edition of the iconic H’Ness CB 350. Both bikes have received a phenomenal reception from the crowd and are significant additions to the already spectacular Big Wing line. -at the top. All eyes were on the Harley-Davidson Sportster S which was launched shortly thereafter. The action on the main Crankstorm stage was thrilling from the start, with the introduction of young Indian motorsport talent. Not only was there a stunt area where spectators were treated to a spectacular feast for the senses with gravity-defying antics on motorcycles and supercars drifting / burning serious rubber on days 1 and 2 respectively. The engines raced, the tires squeaked and the crowd cheered with DJs slowing the tempo.

In fact, the party was at the Jameson Howling Dog Bar, which provided bikers with some fun activities for bikers to join in and mingle to make friends with strangers on the sweet Jameson Ginger Lime! Club wars ensued, where cycling clubs from across the country clashed in games designed to bring everyone together no matter what they were riding. And that’s what they did, blending seamlessly into each other on Jameson! Even the open mic session with Vijay Thomas allowed members of the biker fraternity to share stories on the road with their fellow cyclists. On the second day, the Jameson Howling Dog Bar was full of motorcycle madness. The Moto Art Collective, where bikes are the muse, presented the photographs of Ishan Bhataiya and Pushkar Patil. All in the midst of foosball, arm wrestling and table pong tournaments. It really was a place where the ice was broken and the bottles were high.

By perfectly embodying the motorcycle spirit that Asia’s biggest bicycle festival has always championed, IBW 2021 has set a strong precedent for what the future holds for India’s superlative motorcycle extravagance. Not to accommodate bicycles and motorcyclists but to give the brothers a chance to mingle, mingle and make some noise!

Plus I need this awesome Jameson pong table to mix me up!

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