Fox News guest says the outcasts, minorities and poor aren’t worth paying $ 15 an hour [Video]


Over the past decades, wage growth has stagnated in the country. Democrats pushed to change that. Joe biden mentionned during a speech to Congress in April, “There should be a national minimum wage of $ 15 an hour. No one working 40 hours a week should live below the poverty line.

The Conservatives and their media ecosystem disagree. Fox News hosts regularly tell their viewers that a minimum wage of $ 15 is not worth it. On Tuesday, the network welcomed a guest who said some workers are just not worth that kind of pay.

Art Laffer, a conservative economist was a guest on Sandra Smith’s show. He Told the host:

“Yes, for those people, Sandra, who are entering the labor market fresh – not the old people who have been there for a while – the poor, the minorities the excluded, the less educated, the young people who have not had work experience. These people are not worth $ 15 an hour in most cases.

And so when you have a minimum wage of $ 15 an hour, they don’t get that first job, they don’t get the skills to earn above the minimum wage. And after a few years, they become unemployable. And after they become unemployable, they become hostile, and what you will find is that this technology has created a subclass of people who are just pulling out of the workforce and will stay that way for most of their lives. . . And I think it’s just a tragedy. I love technology, but technology is replacing the jobs of these people. And he’s a killer. It’s a killer only for the people who need help the most.

Watch the offensive comments below, courtesy of the Fox News Network:

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