Flying car completes historic first intercity flight


The historic flight was piloted by Stefan Klein, founder and CEO of R&D company Klein Vision, which manufactured the prototype of the hybrid airplane-car.

AirCar’s first intercity flight has started at Nitra International Airport in Slovakia. Klein took off from the runway and flew 35 minutes to Bratislava. Landing at the city’s airport, he drove the AirCar into the city center within three minutes.

Watch the amazing journey of the flying car here:

The AirCar prototype took shape after 20 years of hard work by Klein. The AirCar has undergone more than 140 test flights.

This week’s intercity flight was “the most ambitious effort” to date.

AirCar – Details and Specifications

The AirCar can be transformed into an airplane with the push of a single button. It spreads wings and a tail, reshaping the aerodynamics. The process only takes 135 seconds.

Powered by a BMW gasoline engine, AirCar can reach a maximum cruising speed of 190 kilometers per hour and has flown up to 8,200 feet with its fixed propeller system.

Klein aims to increase top speed to 300 km / h and endurance to a flight distance of 1,000 km with a single refueling.

In a company statement, Klein said, “This theft marks the beginning of a new era of dual-carriage vehicles. It opens up a new category of transport and gives the individual back the freedom originally attributed to the car.

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