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Kottayam: KP Jeby’s home, a solid and reassuring two-story structure, was perched right next to the Manimalayar, a wide but well-elevated river which, as the elders of the area testify, was never known for s ‘stray from its course.
On Saturday, however, as relentless rains descended on the hilly areas of southern Kerala along the Kottayam-Idukki border, the river turned into a foaming monster that rushed to its banks. Just after noon, Jeby’s house was gone, swept into the tumultuous waters with one stroke.
Jeby, a bus driver, had left for work at 10 a.m., while his wife Pushpa and daughter Revathi, quickly alerted by neighbors as the waters rose, watched from a distance with sadness as their rescue of life flowed without letting trace. A video shot by onlookers went viral, showing how the house, safe and rock solid on one point, simply vanished the next.
Jeby is heartbroken but also grateful that at least he and his family survived. Like he does every morning, on Saturdays too, Jeby says, he dived into the river. The river was calm, there was no unusual undercurrent, no sign of what was to come.
Residents of Kalleppalam Road near the town of Mundakkayam, where Jeby’s house was located, say the water level in the river started to rise gradually after 10 a.m. and then suddenly after 12 p.m. river has gone wild. Cracks began to appear near Jeby’s house that the neighbors saw and they immediately alerted Pushpa.
The house had one story at ground level and another story below ground level, which may explain its increased vulnerability and why it collapsed entire, in one piece, so to speak. Another local house was also washed away a few minutes later.

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