Festive favorites revealed in the museum’s new toy story

Some of the last century’s most sought-after stocking fillers have been on display in a nostalgic new toy exhibition in Leeds.

Vintage childhood favorites of all shapes and sizes, dating back over a hundred years, have been included in the fun new display at Abbey House Museum in Kirkstall.

Looking back at the different ways children have played and learned over the decades, the collection is sure to spark happy memories at a time of year when the latest toys and games are in high demand.

Highlights include a 1930s toy racing car inspired by Bluebird, the vehicle that set the land speed record in 1927 when driven by Malcolm Campbell.

Also on display are Bedtime Bear and Love-a-Lot, two of the ’80s classics, which sold over $ 40 million worldwide between 1983 and 1987.

They are on display alongside Ghostbusters action figures inspired by the hit 1984 film, a replica of a Dalek, Dr Who’s nemesis, and a She-Ra figure based on the popular television series of the same name.

A toy and game series featuring iconic children’s TV favorites The Wombles, Sooty and Sweep, and Basil Brush are also part of the collection.

Kitty Ross, Social History Curator at Leeds Museums and Galleries, said: “Toys and games have undergone a rapid and impressive evolution over the past century, fueled by tremendous advancements in technology and methods. production requirements as well as the constantly changing demands of different generations. children.

“What has remained constant throughout this time is the unique ability of toys to excite, inspire and capture children’s imaginations.

“The lasting impact that our favorite toys can have on us is reflected in the reactions of adults to seeing their favorite childhood toys and we hope to generate the same excitement and enthusiasm in visitors of all ages with this exhibit. . “

In addition to action figures and toy vehicles, the exhibit also features part of Leeds Museums and Galleries’ extensive board game collection, many of which were made by the former Leeds Waddington’s company.

Pictures from the Yorkshire Film Archive are also featured, which include classic 1960s advertisements for Waddington’s games, most notably Spy Ring.

Councilor Jonathan Pryor, Executive Member of Leeds City Council for Economy, Culture and Education, said: “Our favorite toys and games play a crucial role in our early years and it is fantastic to see so many fabulous examples being preserved and displayed by Leeds museums and galleries.

“It’s also a great example of how our museums do so much to bring different generations together for a fun, engaging and educational experience.”

For more information on Abbey House Museum, please visit: https://museumsandgalleries.leeds.gov.uk/abbey-house-museum/


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