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(WSIL) – It’s officially fall, which means farmers are returning to their fields.

As farmers work hard, drivers are reminded to watch out for slow farm vehicles. Leave enough space between you and the equipment. If you follow too closely, it is difficult for the farmers to see you.

“I would just like to encourage everyone to be patient. We don’t like holding people down more than they like being held up, but the equipment is great. There is not always room for s. ‘stop, so if people could just be patient, we’re trying to clear the roads,’ adds Leon McClerren, chairman of the Franklin County Farm Bureau.

McClerren also asks that you don’t stop in front of a mailbox. It often does not leave enough room for the passage of equipment.

Seeing more farm equipment also means the harvest season is in full swing.

“It’s not uncommon for us to put 12 to 13 hours in the combine and that means you have two or three hours before that and you have an hour or two after that,” says Leon McClerren, Chairman of the Board. Franklin County Farm.

McClerren says the long hours are just beginning, but the season is shaping up well. “It will be an above average season for the majority of farmers and that said, there is still a place where the weather has not cooperated and it is unfortunate, but I think it will be small areas of the southern Illinois. “

Heavy rains damaged some crops in lower areas, but higher terrain seems to make up the difference.

“To quote the elders, let me say this, they always said no matter what happens in the first half. No matter what happens in the second half, the growing season has got yields of. exceptional corn and beans, ”adds McClerren.

Mcclerren says he hopes the weather will continue to cooperate. “We don’t need heavy rain. Good showers, we need a little bit, you know, keep that fire hazard, keep dust but uh just dry enough if possible.”

If you see farm equipment on the roads, be sure to slow down and move. “That’s when it all happens. The next 30 days you’re going to see a lot of farm equipment and farmers on the roads and they’re going to be terribly tired and very busy.

McClerren says his goal is to complete the harvest before Thanksgiving.

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