Ex-Celtic star Leigh Nicol targeted for more online abuse, says it didn’t make her want to leave the house


EX-CELTIC star Leigh Nicol has been hit by other online abuse and admits it hasn’t made her want to leave her house or eat.

The 25-year-old soccer ace retired from the game a year after private footage of his was leaked online.


Leigh Nicol has been the target of further abuse onlineCredit: Getty

Leigh suffered from suicidal thoughts and panic attacks after hacking her iCloud and sharing her pictures on adult sites.

We recounted two weeks ago how she shared a snippet of the heinous abuse she received online in connection with the leak.

Ex-Celtic star Leigh Nicol shares daily abuse she endures after leaking private footage to adult sites

And she once again said she was targeted after an appearance on a Sky podcast, ironically for online abuse, sparked another flood of nasty comments.

She said on Twitter: “Let me tell you the reality of the effects online abuse can have on an individual. I thought I would write this while feeling the emotions because I am often numb.

“Today I read the comments after doing a podcast with Sky about online abuse. For clarity, this is unpaid work, to raise awareness for future generations.

“You can’t tell me anything that hasn’t already been said.

“As soon as I read the reviews, here’s the process …

“I immediately felt anxious, those who have experienced anxiety will know the pain it causes in your whole body.

“I can feel a panic attack on his way. I feel bad. I don’t want food. I canceled a business meeting.

“I sat on my couch feeling angry, upset and lost my motivation. I don’t want to leave my house.

Leigh has already opened up about her abuse


Leigh has already opened up about her abuseCredit: Getty

“Now I know how the process works, I’ll be fine in a few hours. But there you go, without the smile to cover the cracks.”

The Crystal Palace star had previously shut down his social media accounts for a while.

Earlier this year, Leigh opened up to Sky Sports about her horrific experience in an effort to help others learn about the adult online world.

She spoke about her illness and panic attacks and revealed that anxiety still plagued her after the flight.

Therapy sessions have been organized by the PFA and she hopes use her experience to raise awareness and educate people that leaked X rated videos can ruin someone’s life.

And Leigh, who was a Celtic academy star as a teenager, has revealed that returning to football with Palace is key to his recovery.

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