Ex-Celtic star Leigh Nicol shares daily abuse she endures after leaking private footage to adult sites


FORMER Celtic star Leigh Nicol has shared a snippet of the heinous abuse she receives online following her private pictures leaked online.

The 25-year-old soccer ace retired a year from the game after the shocking discovery of 2019.


Celtic ex-ace Leigh Nicol shared snippet of vile abuse she received from trollsCredit: Getty

Leigh suffered from suicidal thoughts and panic attacks after hacking her iCloud and sharing her pictures on adult sites.

The Crystal Palace star has shut down her social media accounts for a while, but now that she’s back online, she regularly receives horrific messages from trolls.

Some of the sickening comments refer to Leigh’s private life, while others poke fun at her for the footage illegally leaked online.

A disgusting troll wrote: “I hope your parents are proud of you. I feel bad when your niece and nephew grow up looking at you.”

The midfielder, 25, had his iCloud hacked and private images shared on adult sites


The midfielder, 25, had his iCloud hacked and private images shared on adult sitesCredit: Getty

The midfielder, from Bellshill, Lanarkshire, posted a series of screenshots on Twitter with a ‘sensitive content’ warning to subscribers.

Leigh, who was a Celtic academy star as a teenager before moving south in 2013, said she shared the shocking abuse to highlight the need for change online.

She wrote: “I keep them to myself, because I don’t want the kids in my profiles to see them and I don’t want the kids to be able to follow me either.

“But, here are my own personal experiences over the past few days as a small reason why a change needs to happen for a safer space.”

Several Twitter users responded to Leigh’s tweet, offering their sympathies and support for the abuse she suffered.

And after a follower suggested that horrific trolling, the kind Leigh still gets, could lead a victim to commit suicide, the soccer ace agreed, saying, “People’s lives are in danger. . “

On Instagram, Leigh shared a longer statement, in which she said: “It was causing extreme distress, but now it’s part of my daily life, and I don’t blink anymore.”

She added, “Enough is enough. For our black friends and those who are abused for their looks, their performance, their lives and just their breathing.

Matt Himsworth, who runs B5 – a sports consultancy firm of which Leigh is an associate director – shared the tweet, explaining their thoughts on his post.

He wrote: “We’ve had a long discussion about whether or not to post these objectionable messages that Leigh receives (they keep coming).

“We have agreed on a disclaimer and a drafting. This is a time of fierce debate about the safety of being a woman, athlete and public figure online. It’s everyday.”

Earlier this year, Leigh opened up to Sky Sports about her horrific experience in an effort to help others learn about the adult online world.

She spoke about her illness and panic attacks and revealed that anxiety still plagued her after the flight.

Therapy sessions have been organized by the PFA and she hopes use her experience to raise awareness and educate people that leaked X rated videos can ruin someone’s life.

And Leigh has revealed that returning to football with Palace is key to his recovery.

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