Drive for June fundraiser return to Inverurie

The Burn Lane area of ​​Inverurie played host to an eclectic mix of vintage and modern classic cars and bikes on Sunday morning for the return of the Drive for June fundraiser for Dementia UK, organized by Fennel owner Bill Bird.

Held in tribute to his late mother June, Bill explained: “A few years ago a group of us started thinking about Absent Friends and decided to remember while driving along the highways and paths where those which we thought of affectionately accompanied us in the past. .

“It soon became clear that many enthusiastic drivers and riders felt the same way and so we came up with an informal plan to come together, with suitable vehicles, to race where we once had the company of those who are not. more with us.”

The June ride returned to Inverurie on Sunday. Photo: David Porter

From AC Cobras and Mustangs and even VW Beetles to Ferarri, Porsche and Lotus models, there were admiring glances from the crowds that joined in the event.

As well as the ever-popular food supply, which drivers who attend the weekly V8 restaurant breakfasts travel for, there was a visit from Scottish Fire and Rescue who attended one of the local station units who is located just around the corner and which has seen young and old peer over the equipment and of course sit in the coveted crew seats.

Bill said: “Well mum was proud and she would have had the best time today, the atmosphere was amazing and the mix of cars and bikes on display was just outstanding!

“Thank you to everyone who helped including Andrew Legg and the Inverurie Fire Service team, what a success the engine has been!

“Especially thank you to our dear regular visitors who do all this to bring your machines, for your donations and for your involvement, thank you!

“The good news is that we’ve increased our target to £1,000 and a bit more – the page is still open to anyone who was there or wants to help

“It was an amazing day, with great turnout, thank you all.”

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