Doyle-Ryder Elementary students greeted with classic cars on first day of school


FLINT, MI – Students at Doyle-Ryder Elementary School in Flint Community Schools experienced a unique end on their first day back in the classrooms.

Classic cars, including vintage Chevrolet Corvettes, Chevrolet Impalas and a Polaris Slingshot, lined up in front of the school on the basketball courts.

Classrooms took turns walking around the screens and choosing their favorite cars.

Students were also greeted with loud music, extra time on the playground and snacks from CRIM’s community education event.

“The first day of school here is a big party,” principal Natoya Coleman said. “We want to make sure the students know we are so glad to have them. … we have the cars here to show the students something new and to have something exciting on the first day.

Coleman, who served as an associate principal at Southwestern Classical Academy last year, is entering his first year as an elementary principal.

Daphne Jackson, interim director of Doyle-Ryder last year, returned to the district in another capacity to serve as a councilor at Southwestern.

The district began the 2021-2022 school year with a half-day on Wednesday August 4.

Flint Schools use a balanced schedule that allocates learning periods in an attempt to address learning loss in the summer and meet the needs of teachers.

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