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Calcutta: Lack of respect for artists, CBI’s “untimely” arrests in the Narada case during the Covid peak and the “complete disavowal” of former BJP employees are some of the reasons that prompted the actor -Director Anindya Pulak Banerjee to quit the party. He had flown to Delhi with 10 celebrities to join the BJP in 2019.
According to Banerjee, “BJP leaders didn’t like it when I said this arrest could have been easily delayed for at least 15 days, keeping the Covid situation in mind.”
Banerjee stressed that he kept Tollywood’s interests in mind when he joined the BJP. “But BJP hasn’t done anything good for Tollywood. I am disillusioned. Senior executives such as Dilip Ghosh have said “rogre debo” to artists and Tathagatha Roy called actresses “noti”. It’s too humiliating, ”said the actor, a 100-movie veteran.
Banerjee, who had a left formation before joining the BJP, could consider returning to the left. “If I join a party, it cannot mean that the elders will be ignored. This is exactly what the BJP did and is now rallying around Suvendu Adhikari, who was from TMC.
“The party remains an outsider in Bengal,” he continued. “He imported leaders from outside and didn’t encourage a single local leader. I lost interest, ”added Banerjee, who is due to shoot for a Hindi film.

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