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The bond between Troy Bayliss and Ducati is deeply rooted in the history of the World Superbike Championships. Together they managed to achieve 52 victories and three world titles with three different motorcycles. Being the only rider in history to win MotoGP and World Superbike in 2006, Bayliss created a dynasty with Ducati. Twenty years after winning the 2001 Superbike World Championship, Ducati has dedicated a special limited edition to the Bayliss name – the Ducati Panigale V2 Bayliss 1st 20th anniversary championship. Bayliss actively participated in the creative process and contributed to the special notion inspired by the 2001 Championship. Maintaining the same basis as the Panigale V2, the Panigale V2 Special Edition has undergone some cosmetic and mechanical updates.

With a powerful electronics package and vintage graphics that will bring a good deal of nostalgia, the Ducati Troy Bayliss Panigale V2 Special Edition is nothing like the standard model.

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A bike inspired by conquests

Special Edition Ducati Troy Bayliss Panigale V2

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Created from the foundation of Panigale V2, the Ducati Bayliss Special Edition is designed with graphics influenced by the 996R, which earned Bayliss its first Superbike World Championship in 2001. Ducati has revisited the winning superbike for its cups and its colors. Painted in the signature Ducati Red, the lampshade is accompanied by green and white in homage to the Italian bicycle manufacturer.

Troy Bayliss’ race number “21” is proudly splashed on the front and sides with the Shell logo to create a visually stunning race. As a truly special edition for Bayliss, the Panigale V2 sports its replica autograph on the fuel tank. The machined aluminum triple clamp displays the bike name and model numbering.

To enhance the driving experience, Ducati designed the special edition of the 1st Panigale V2 20th Anniversary Championship with Öhlins components. The NX30 front fork and TTX30 rear shock ensure agile and smooth performance on the track. The steering damper allows for custom calibration by adapting to the riding style and the track.

Compared to the standard version of the Panigale V2, the Bayliss Special Edition weighs almost 7 lbs less, thanks to the 12V lithium-ion battery and the single-seater configuration. The bike is equipped with sport grips and a carbon fiber and titanium silencer outlet cover. The driving seat is made with red double stitching while the number 21 is adorned with white on the saddle and the combination of green and red stripes creates the Italian flag. The Special Edition bike contains clutch pumps with gray oil reservoirs and a self-cleaning brake.

Progressive engineering at its best


The Panigale V2 Special Edition is powered by a 955 CC “Superquadro” twin-cylinder engine that produces 155 hp and 10,750 rpm, and 76 lb-ft of torque at 9,000 rpm. Its power is 19 hp, more than the 996 R which won the Bayliss Superbike World Championship in 2001.

The Panigale V2 1st Championship 20th Anniversary is equipped with three riding modes – Race, Sport and Street, offering the experience of three motorcycles in one. Race mode is for the tracks and gives an aggressive throttle response. Sport mode provides an additional thrilling experience with slightly lower throttle response than Race mode. Street mode offers controllable speeds and greater fuel efficiency than other modes.

Racing modes could be tweaked and changed using the 4.3 inch color TFT instrument panel with interactive interface and graphics. Navigation through the settings is effortless thanks to the transparent interface and offers identification of the driving mode.

The electronics package is kept from the standard Panigale V2. The Ducati Special Edition is equipped with a quick electronic shifting that applies to downshifting and traction for effortless safety and vehicle controls. A “turn” function is adapted to Bosch ABS. The superbike incorporates Ducati Traction Control, Ducati Quick Shift, Ducati Wheelie Control and Engine Brake Control to control the engine, brakes and wheels.

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A tribute to two nicknames

Ducati-Panigale-V2-Troy-Bayliss 2

The Ducati Bayliss Panigale V2 1st Championship 20th Anniversary Special Edition was first revealed in an episode of Ducati World Premiere in July 2021 at the Ducati Museum and at the home of Troy Bayliss in Australia. The special episode explained Troy Bayliss’ journey with Ducati and why his championship victory is celebrated even after two decades.

To honor Bayliss and his incredible career at Ducati, the Ducati Museum has created an exhibition called Troy Story: The Legend of the Champion. The exhibition features some of his most iconic motorcycles until September 19, 2021. The 2021 edition of Ducati Panigale V2 Bayliss is priced at $ 21,000.

Even though the Special Edition is priced slightly more than the standard Panigale V2, it costs $ 1,600 less than the Panigale V4. The Bayliss Limited Edition honors the most important chapter in Ducati history and shares the love and appreciation of Troy Bayliss, who made great things possible. The Ducati Bayliss Panigale V2 special edition will make its street debut in winter 2021.

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