Couple live their entire lives like in the 30s with vintage clothes, a house and a car


Ruth Shelley, 28, and her partner Robert Oestmann, 27, do not own a television and listen to music on a gramophone as they prefer a simple lifestyle without being glued to the screens

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Couple live their entire lives like in the 30s with vintage clothes, a house and a car

This couple live their lives as if they were in the 1930s with a house, a car and vintage clothes.

Ruth Shelley, 28, and her partner Robert Oestmann, 27, both share a passion for living the past when it comes to their clothes, food and musical choices.

They often turn heads on the streets as they seem to come out of a time machine and also say that people sometimes stop to ask for photos.

Robert, who sells whiskey for a living, enjoys cooking and loves experimenting with recipes from the 1700s.

Ruth, a West Midlands research historian, said the couple wore vintage clothes all the time.

Ruth Shelley, 28, and her partner Robert Oestmann, 27, are passionate about the vintage lifestyle


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She said: “Robert and I dress like this all the time because we’re in love with the style.

“Robert mainly wears a suit and a flat cap whereas I can wear clothes from the 30s to the 40s.

“I don’t wear ’50s fashion because that involves a lot of pants that I didn’t like on myself.”

The couple are also fascinated by the history of the time.

Ruth adds: “This style is not something you could wear if you are shy, because we are often looked at.

“It doesn’t bother us at all and it’s often positive feedback. Seniors love it because it’s like going back in time for them.

Robert is currently restoring a Morris Minor which is a British economy car


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Ruth and Robert say they are sometimes stopped in the street and asked for their photo because of their dress style


Dilantha Dissanayake / CATERING NEWS)

“Sometimes people stop us and ask for pictures which are absolutely correct.”

The couple are fully committed to embracing the 1930s as they made it part of their way of life.

They both have vintage bikes and Robert is currently restoring a Morris Minor, a British economy car.

He said: “As a child, my grandparents watched a lot of old movies.

“They were an inspiration – as I got older I started to read a lot of books and my style stems from that stuff.

“I also didn’t like the sound modern synthetic clothing makes when I walked.

The couple enjoy wearing 1930s clothing, listening to music, and eating food from this period.


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“Our wardrobe is unique and different from today’s extremely casual.

“There’s nothing wrong with being laid back, but it’s not for me. I can lounge around in chinos and a flannel shirt or when working on my car.

“But most of the time I’m wearing a tie and a jacket. I like to make sure I look somewhat presentable.”

Passionate chef Robert also enjoys trying vintage recipes and one of his favorites is a 1938 “Depression Era Meatloaf”.

He adds, “I love playing around with new recipes for me, but they are actually very old.

“I’m originally from British Columbia, Canada, so this recipe gives a glimpse into life in a rural community in Ontario, Canada.

The couple even decorated their home to make it look like the 1930s.


ladyadepha / CATERING NEWS)

“It’s a simple basic meatloaf recipe that uses tomato soup.”

The couple’s dedication has gone so far that they don’t own a television and only listen to music with a gramophone.

They have smartphones but only to keep in touch with people.

Ruth adds: “In our free time we read, chat or Robert cooks and I help.

“We have some original cookbooks that are historically interesting.

“I prefer to cook, so bake my own bread or Welsh cakes on a hotplate.

“We listen to music and dance, we ride or cycle on our original vintage bikes. Sometimes we ballroom dance to music from the 1940s. Our musical tastes may be old-fashioned, but we love it.

“We both have smartphones because they’re useful when you’re alone to contact people. But Robert would ditch his phone in the blink of an eye.

“For us, this lifestyle works best and is beneficial for our relationships.

“It works for us because we are present in the moment rather than glued to Netflix or our phones.”

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