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National Bike Month is underway, which means the folks at GObike Buffalo are busier than ever. National Bike Month is not just a time for cycling, it is also a month for advocacy. Advocacy takes all forms, from addressing security concerns to demographic empowerment.

The issue of safety has been a pressing issue on the east side, which can easily be seen by the lack of cycling infrastructure, which has resulted in many car-bike accidents. In June 2020, I wrote about the need to take safety precautions for cyclists on streets such as Bailey Avenue. At the time, George Johnson, who is a member of the East Side Bike Club, said: “This is about do not happening here – tthere is no immediacy. We can’t wait for the city map – the corner of Bailey and East Delavan is a busy intersection, with lots of shops, services and a school nearby. How many accidents will there be? How many deaths? We are spending the same tax dollars here on the East Side, but we are not seeing any improvement, long or short term. “

A GObike pop-up in Hamburg Street and South Park Avenue in 2020

Johnson is right. We just can’t wait for the cycling master plan to unfold. If a street isn’t slated to have crosswalks or cycle paths until an open-pit sawmill and stacking is done, chances are it will be too late for a few unlucky cyclists. That’s why the GObike Buffalo team implemented a series of tactical Complete Street “pop-ups”. The problem is, in order to make these pop-ups, GObike needs funding. The pop-ups have been a big hit, but there are still plenty of streets that could use some GObike love.

One area that lacks sufficient cycling safety infrastructure is the District of Fillmore. To get the paint roller rolling, council member Mitch Nowakowski has allocated $ 8,000 in discretionary grants that will be used to address road safety issues in the Fillmore District. Funding will be directed towards grassroots street calming measures, until more formal and permanent solutions can be identified and implemented. Again, it all comes down to speeding up the bicycle master plan, not just waiting for the machining and layering projects to come to fruition, which is usually when road safety issues are entirely (and, hopefully, adequately) treated.

Until a long-term solution can be agreed upon by relevant stakeholders, this funding will be used to plan, design, enable and implement painted crosswalks and cycle paths to improve road safety. in the Fillmore district.

The legislative process often takes time, but the safety of Buffalo residents cannot wait. As covid restrictions ease and the weather warms, roads will become more active again with drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. We need to be proactive in making sure the streets are safe for all who use them. Together, we are improving public spaces for city dwellers a intersection at a time, ”Nowakowski said.

“Thanks to the grant from board member Nowakowski, GObike will havemore resources to fulfill its mission of creating safer roads and stronger communities, ”said Justin Booth, general manager of GObike Buffalo. “Buffalo has a strong cycling culture that continues to grow. This funding will allow us to improve the safety conditions for cyclists and pedestrians throughout the Fillmore District as they navigate the city on two wheels. “

Images: Pedestrian crossing strip project in which Council member Nowakowski participated with GObike last summer at the corner of Hamburg Street and South Park Avenue, as part of National Bike Month

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