Collection of cars remaining in Kearney, drawing a lot of attention


KEARNEY, Neb. (AP) – The Coloradan whose corporate group rescued the classic car collection from besieged Kearney said it was tickled by the attention the attraction is receiving and the attraction has secured a new deal that will allow to the collection to remain at its location in Kearney for the foreseeable future.

A few weeks ago, the collection was among the top nine auto museums in the United States.

“The collection’s vast assortment of historic vehicles represents the innovation and evolution of transportation, and provides educational and fascinating entertainment for everyone,” said Alan Gentz ​​of Sterling, Colorado.

The Kearney Hub reports that in early April, Gentz ​​and his investor group, VeriQuest, acquired Classic Car for $ 1.2 million. The purchase from the CCC Foundation kept the collection from being sold, car by car, and represented an opportunity to keep the collection in Kearney. The proceeds enabled CCC to repay approximately one-third of the grants received from the Kearney Visitors Bureau.

During its 10 year existence, the collection has been housed in the east end of Cabela’s store at 3600 US Highway 30 East. CCC’s operating expenses were approximately $ 11,000 per month.

The annual attendance of 8,000 to 13,000 never covered the expenses of the collection, but Gentz ​​said the CCC had negotiated a deal for his installation with Cabela’s / Bass Pro.

“Recently, successful negotiation with Cabela’s / Bass Pro has secured the location for the foreseeable future,” said Gentz. He did not disclose details of the deal, but said the work continues to make CCC a top attraction.

“We continue to bring new cars and souvenirs to spark the interest of our customers. We look forward to the opportunities to host and participate in events that carry the vision and spread the word. We encourage everyone to come visit and see what’s new, ”he said.

According to a news and entertainment site, FR24 News, the Classic Car Collection is one of nine must-see auto museums in the United States.

The author of the FR24 article said the CCC had 200 cars. “You’ll see everything from the early T models to cars from the 1990s. The Classic Car Collection features vehicles in nostalgic settings, such as a 1950s downtown, a drive-in drive-in and an old gas station. … “

The other museums on the FR 24 News list are:

– The LeMay-America Automobile Museum in Tacoma, Washington;

– Northeast Classic Car Museum in Norwich, New York;

– Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan;

– Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana;

– National Automobile Museum in Reno, Nevada;

– The Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tennessee;

– National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky; and,

– Petersen Automobile Museum in Los Angeles, California.

This past Sunday, Brad Bowling, editor of Vintage Truck magazine, scheduled a photoshoot with two of CCC’s most unusual vehicles, a 1917 VIM Huckster half-ton truck and a 1920 Ward Electric delivery truck.

The Huckster VIM has a four-cylinder, three-speed gasoline engine that produces 14.4 horsepower. The Ward Electric is distinguished by its pioneering technology in electric propulsion.

The Ward had an estimated range of 100 miles at 14 mph. Electric vehicles were popular with teens and the 1920s, as many American homes were wired for electricity. This meant that electric vehicles could be recharged at home. Women liked them because there was no crank to start the car and there was no gear to change.

“Shifting gears on gasoline-powered cars was the hardest part of driving, but electric vehicles didn’t require shifting,” according to the CCC story on Ward Electric.

Bowling showcases the Ward Electric at the same time as Ford Motor Co. promotes its new vehicle, an all-electric version of the popular Ford F-150 pickup.

Thousands of F-150 Lightning have already been preordered. The F-150’s range is said to be around 300 miles, and its electric motor provides pulling torque to tow heavy loads.

While vehicles like the F-150 Lightning are very technologically advanced, Bowling said its readers are drawn to simpler vehicles like the VIM Huckster and Ward Electric.

“The trucks I’m going to photograph for are a century or older,” Bowling said. “Our readers are really drawn to mechanically simple vehicles like this. They grew up hearing about these amazing pre-war and pre-Depression trucks. When they were old enough to enjoy the vintage truck hobby, they began to find and restore them.

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