“Classic Superbikes II” by Frank Melling Motorcycle Book Review

Frank Melling is back with Classic Superbikes IIfollowing the 2020 release of his Classic Superbikes, which we reviewed. This 130+ page softcover book on vintage superbikes is full of dream bikes that many of us have drooled over over the years. Melling has written 13 chapters on motorcycles rarely seen or heard of, such as the Velocette KSS, Yamaha OW01, BSA Rocket Gold Star, Suzuki RGV250, Ducati Silverstone, Panther 600 and many more.

Classic Superbikes II Book Review: Price
AuthorFrank Melling

The photography and paper quality are excellent. Some of the images, taken by Melling’s wife, Carol, have never been seen outside their circle of friends. -experience in bars. Yes, he drove an Ariel 3 and a BMW GP. He even reveals that not all superbikes are actually “super”. It turns out that the definition of superbikes in Classic Superbikes II is relatively loose, and the reader won’t care. Motorcycles such as the Cheney JBR motocross bike and the Matchless G15CS desert sled are worth knowing. Melling also visits the amazing Sammy Miller Museum in New Milton, Hampshire, England.

Classic Superbikes II Book Review: Sammy Miller
Samy Miller

Melling lives in the UK, and the flavor of this book reflects his modest English upbringing, as well as the Eurocentric nature of his motorcycling experiences. If you are a biker who adores books and magazines for that unique experience of sensation and permanence, Classic Superbikes II is a must have for your enjoyment and your library. We also enjoyed and reviewed his book, Scrambling for enthusiastic beginners.

Melting aboard a factory BMW.

Classic Superbikes II is a limited distribution book, currently available on Melling’s website. You can get it in the UK for £9, postpaid. Americans will pay $20.71 for the book, including shipping across the Atlantic. If you wish, the author will sign the book.

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