Classic Porsche 911 gets an off-road makeover for Dakar rally

Of all the street-oriented sports cars and supercars in the world, the Porsche 911 is truly unique. Aside from its long-standing reputation as an everyday supercar, can you name another such vehicle that doesn’t look out of place on a long-travel suspension with beefy off-road tires? You’ve seen a lot of safari-themed 911s over the years, just like us and you know what? We have never, already tired of seeing another one.

This brings us to this gloriously bred Carrera 4 from the 964 era, built to compete in the Dakar Classic 2022. Specifically, this is a 1991 model that retains its original flat-six engine and five-speed manual transmission, although these are the only original components that remain in this classic Porsche. The air-cooled engine is modified at around 300 horsepower (224 kilowatts), and it obviously hits the ground thanks to a very different suspension setup than the stock one.

You’ll find double wishbones with adjustable shocks and 35-inch tires, ready to absorb the jumps under the modified body. A 42-gallon (160-liter) fuel cell keeps the 911 boiling for extended sprints in the desert. Inside are all the things with racing seats and a full cage for protection.

The other personalized aspect of this Dakar bound 911 is the paint job. A better description might be his graffiti work, as the words and red spray paint designs cover the classic car from front to back. It’s no coincidence, it’s an ode to the graffiti artists of the 80s and 90s, who turned into street art. It’s not something you often see on race cars, but for this particular vehicle, the graffiti treatment is only a temporary measure to promote the racing team. Expect something different on race day.

If this safari-ready 964 reminds you of the legendary Porsche 953 that conquered the 1984 Paris-Dakar Rally, it’s no coincidence. The 953 and 959 were the inspiration for this project, built by Agostino and Alberto Vassallo of Car & vintage, in collaboration with CountrysideWay and TAG Heuer. We can’t wait to see this classic cut through the sand during the Dakar Classic.

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