Chumlee’s most expensive deals on the Pawn Stars

When it comes to high art, most “Pawn Stars” fans would probably point to Rick or his old man as the best candidate to strike a deal. However, Chumlee manages to do very well in a Season 16 episode, when a client brings a modern bronze bust cast from a sculpture made by Michaelangelo himself. The bust, which is a replica of Michelangelo’s “Pietà”, is one of only 500 that the Vatican has ordered from the New Renaissance company. According to the seller, the coin is worth up to $ 80,000.

To get a fair price on the work, Chumlee calls in an expert in the art to properly appraise the object. Unfortunately for the seller, the bust is worth a lot less in the aftermarket, and it’s only worth about $ 35,000. Fortunately, he still wants to sell the item. The only problem is, Chumlee isn’t prepared to pay more than $ 23,000. For a moment, it almost seems like it’s a deal Chumlee can’t make.

That is, until the seller comes up with the idea of ​​exchanging money for the item. Depending on how the markets evolve, the $ 24,000 of silver the seller spotted in the store could lose value and save the store more money. Luckily for them that turns out to be the case, and Chumlee ends up earning $ 3,000 more in the long run.

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