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Svea Conrad

Laura and Bill Buehler had long dreamed of opening their own store. They dreamed of an antique store that offered the best of the best, things not found anywhere else, from vintage motorcycles and bicycles to life-size porcelain signs. The things you see on TV shows like American gatherers Where Antiques roadshow, but rarely found in real life.

Then the building once occupied by the Flagstaff Farmers Market was rented out and the Buehlers jumped at the chance.

“When the space first appeared a year ago we thought the building might be too big, we were worried about what was going to happen with COVID. We asked ourselves, “Are we going to fail or is it going to be good?” “,” Said Buehler. ” And it’s good. It’s really good. Flagstaff showed love even more than we thought.

Fourth Street Vintage was named Best Antique Store in the 2021 Best of Flags.

Jake Bacon, Arizona Daily Sun

Fourth Street Vintage is teeming with treasures – old gas pumps, records, furniture, 1950s miniature cars, original silent era movie posters, authentic Persian rugs, entire restaurant cabins with the leather still bright red and to the mint condition – name something, especially something obscure, and the Buehlers are probably selling it.

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“We’re definitely trying to keep it on a different level,” Buehler said. “People think antique stores are all about dishes and placemats and dolls and we want to be a little more nervous than that.”

The store is neatly organized, with items large and small that the couple source from different states. Old barns, estate sales, and storage units are just a handful of what supplies Fourth Street Vintage. COVID confined the Buehlers’ shopping trips primarily to Arizona, but, even during the pandemic, they managed to stock the store every week.

“We have our regular customers who come about two, three, four times a week just because they know we’re bringing a truck full of new stuff,” Buehler said. “Because we’re so new, some people still don’t know we’re here, but those who love us and come very often and usually come away with something. “

The two Buehlers entered the vintage business through different routes. Bill restored and sold WWII tanks and helicopters and collected period artifacts for many years. Laura ran a graphic design business with her mother in Prescott before she started working with her husband. Although she entered the scene later than him, she has since become an old hat at work, cultivating a keen eye for what she calls “the good old things.”


“When you look at something vintage, it’s so beautiful, and it’s still there today, which means it’s been done right,” she said. “You can appreciate the time and effort that went into what was done back then. Something as simple as a bottle of milk. Now we consume tons of plastic bottles, back in the day they were brought to your front door in a cute glass jar.

It wasn’t easy to open the store in the midst of COVID, but somehow they managed to rearrange the furniture so people could socially distance themselves and say goodbye to their two sons. every morning so they can run the business while the two have finished high school on Zoom.

“We just want to thank Flagstaff for being so amazing and supporting this dream,” Buehler said.

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