Baby Driver 2 can take influence from this classic car movie


In order to avoid repeating the original, Baby Driver 2 could be a road movie in the style of that classic ’70s car actuator.

When Baby driver became Edgar Wright’s highest-grossing film by far with a gross worldwide gross of $ 226.9 million, Sony executives began to mouth water at the prospect of a sequel. With its unique cinematic style of vehicular carnage choreographed on iPod playlists, Baby driver is poised to become a long-standing action franchise. But the original film arrived as a breath of fresh air, it would be a shame if the sequel fell into a familiar rut and only copies what worked in the first.

Wright confirmed in January that he had finalized the screenplay for a Baby driver sequel, and it was previously reported that he showed lead actor Ansel Elgort a first draft. It would be tempting for the sequel to repeat the story of the original with Baby getting another getaway driving gig with another group of indie criminals ripped from the pages of pulp fiction. This story is a lot of fun, but the first movie already nailed it.

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Instead, the sequel should embrace the surprising ending to the original film in which Baby was sent to prison with a lenient sentence thanks to a glowing panel of witnesses. In order to keep the spirit of the original without stepping on its toes, Baby Driver 2 will have to tell a whole new kind of car-based action story. Richard C. Sarafian Vanishing Point has been described as the ultimate car movie, and it could provide the Baby driver suite with the perfect narrative framework.

The casting of Edgar Wright's Baby Driver in an elevator

The deceptively simplistic plot of Vanishing Point follows a disillusioned ex-cop and racing driver as he takes a pile of drugs and tears across America in a supercharged Dodge Challenger, relentlessly pursued by cops. In the Baby driver As a result, Baby could violate his parole and be forced to leave with Debora. A road trip story could keep the sequel focused on the music and driving without settling into the same familiar tropes and arcs of the first film.

Wright named Vanishing Point as a major influence on the visual style and direction of the first film, but due to its urban setting, the original Baby driver did not have much in common with the cult classic of 1971. The director was more specifically inspired by the neo-noir thriller by Walter Hill The driver by telling the story of an exceptional getaway driver with the law approaching him.

Since all of the action scenes in the original film took place on densely populated city streets, hitting the road would give the sequel a whole different visual style. If the sequel takes place in a city, it will limit its ability to distance itself from its predecessor. There are only so many ways to make a busy city car chase unique. Speeding up on a desert highway would do Baby Driver 2 its own thing entirely.

Baby and Debora might even turn into some sort of Bonnie and Clyde anti-hero and embark on a Robin Hood-style criminal frenzy while they’re on the road. Criminal couples are one of the funniest tropes in detective fiction, Badlands at True romance, and it would be a joy to see Wright’s take on that kind of dynamic.

The Dodge Challenger at Vanishing Point

If the proposal Baby driver sequel comes to fruition, this will be the first time Wright has made a proper sequel. Hot Fuzz and the end of the world are technically spiritual consequences of Shaun of the Dead, including the ‘Cornetto Tri-Flavor Trilogy’, but they all introduced new characters in all-new stories. Wright proposed treatment for an official sequel to Shaun with co-writer Simon Pegg who was reportedly called up From dusk to Shaun – apparently it was basically the same movie all over again, but with vampires instead of zombies – but it never happened.

Pegg also mentioned a new idea for a Hot Fuzz sequel that would essentially reverse the premise of the original film. Where the first film ripped Nicholas out of the big city and placed him in a small town with Danny, the second film would have taken Danny out of his small town and placed him in the big city, where Nicholas is much more. comfortable. However, this project never materialized. Hopefully the eagerly awaited Baby driver the rest will not be the same.

It would be easy for Baby Driver 2 making Baby a getaway pilot yet again, but that would nullify his character development in the first film. Much of his arc in the original was his struggle to sever ties with Doc and give up his life of crime. But even if the film settles into a familiar formula and puts Baby back to square one, at least we’ll have a new batch of nostalgic hits on the soundtrack and a bunch of jaw-dropping new car chases.

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