Awesomely Weird Alibaba EV of the week: $ 1,250 sidecar electric bike


E-bikes are all about putting a smile on your face while relieving the pain of cycling. I saw macho men jump on their first electric bikes and ride around laughing like a toddler. And what could be better than sharing this kind of fun with a passenger in an old-fashioned sidecar? Today’s entry into the Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week series is just that – an electric bike that takes inspiration from old school sidecar motorcycles.

And while this series often bites a bit of a good mood on some of Alibaba’s weirder EVs, it’s a weird mobile that I actually want to put in my garage!

For a reasonable price of $ 1250 you get this vintage cruiser style electric bike paired with a sidecar.

The assembly is powered by a Bafang rear hub motor. There is a 250W version for those poor suckers in Europe who are not allowed to have fun, and there is a 500W version offering twice the power for our American friends who thrive to excess.

Speed ​​also varies depending on location, with a 25 km / h (15.5 mph) limit for anyone writing dates with day first, and a 45 km / h thrill ride ( 28 mph) for those who have a gun in every room of the house plus another in the shower.

Once you get past the horsepower and speed variants for European and American models, the rest is fair.

Battery capacity options start at a measly 360Wh but can be upgraded to 720Wh. An LCD display is standard on all models and the combined bike / sidecar situation supports a maximum load of 200 kg (440 lb).

But the real beauty of the ball here, of course, is this sidecar itself!

There are many options that include features such as an awning to shield toddlers from the afternoon sun, or a basic barebones model simply designed to keep occupants’ hands and feet inside. of the vehicle throughout the journey.

And I don’t know about you, but the whole thing looks a lot safer than that coffin on wheels of a sidecar electric drift tricycle we saw a few months ago.

You can also choose between a retro design bike with normal tires or a retro design bike with big tires, which the company conveniently calls “Harley Old” and “Harler Fat”.

With the number of Harley-Davidson fakes floating around, that seems about equal for the course.

Hold your wallet for a hot minute

If you are sitting there all dizzy, wallet in hand, just waiting for me to give you the confirmation bias that you are looking for to buy this thing, then sit pretty for another hot minute.

While I’ve had great interactions with many Alibaba sellers, this one doesn’t necessarily give me the same cool Beach Boys vibes.

The seller kept blowing me off when I asked for more information about the bikes, and couldn’t even give me shipping information because “logistics costs fluctuate from day to day”. Alright, just give me an estimate for today. Or yesterday. Or whatever, man. I’m trying to make you famous on the internet here.

So while I love just about everything about this awesome sidecar electric bike, I’m not saying you should spend your hard earned money on a bet with this vendor.

That being said, I personally bought loads of stuff on Ali Baba and its sister site AliExpress. I usually try to find a product where the salesperson seems a lot more eager to help, and then I spend a lot of time communicating to make sure we’re all on the same page, paragraph, and sentence.

If you want to go your own way and take one of these awesome electric tricycles, definitely tell me how it goes! And if you stumble upon your own insanely weird electric vehicle while browsing Alibaba, drop me a link! It just might end up in one of my weekly Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week articles. You can find my contact details in my author’s biography below.

Until we meet again next week, consider checking out some of my other incredibly weird finds from Alibaba, like a cheap solar powered small electric family car, a dangerous looking electric motorcycle with a single wheel or an electric car without horses. Cinderella at the ball!

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