ASC builds 1969 Ford Bronco to top shelf Restomod standards

Classic vehicles are a funny thing. While everyone likes to reminisce about hopping in their modified car or truck back in the day to get to the local hangout or race, the truth is that these cars have long since ceased to be what could be considered reliable. Likewise, owners have also progressed by wanting creature comforts over noisy exhausts and harsh gears. For those who find themselves in this exact situation with their love of the first-generation Bronco, there are fortunately stores like Artesian Automotive of Southern California (ASC) that cater to these individuals’ desires.

As the Bronco market has expanded from a few crawler and off-road stores to off-road dining facilities across the country, one store in particular has produced unique Bronco restomods that feature modern amenities, a modern transmission and a complete overhaul of the existing slate. ASC is a store that brought high-end builds with themes to market.

The last Bronco that rolled out of the ASC factory was a 1969 model that was dubbed the Platinum Alpine Edition. This Bronco is equipped with a 5.0-liter Coyote engine and a 6R80 transmission to improve the drivetrain and increase power from the stock 205 horsepower to 390 horsepower. The Alpine White sport utility is lifted 2.5 inches and rolls on Method Race wheels wrapped in 305/65-17 BFGoodrich All Terrain tires. Behind all off-road wheels is a complete disc brake conversion.


The exterior is designed to look and handle the part, the interior is less rugged and offers the maximum level of comfort. A fully-customized leather high-back seat, rear flip-top and flip-up interior feature double white diamond stitching. The matching interior continues in the floor mats and kickboard enclosures. To satisfy audiophiles, 6.5-inch Focal speakers line the interior while a 10-inch JL subwoofer delivers deep bass.

Since most enthusiasts are used to modern accessories, it’s nice to see these features incorporated into this Bronco build. Power windows, locks, Vintage Air conditioning kit, AMP Research power running boards and a rear backup camera keep the driver comfortable and accustomed to the modern lifestyle.

If you want to relive the early days of your Bronco, but don’t mind the headaches of maintaining a vintage vehicle, then ASC has you covered. Check out his inventory here.

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