Art Deco Napier Festival 2022 reinvented – It’s a wrap!

The 2022 Napier Art Deco Festival has come and gone for another year, keeping the spotlight shining on Napier’s art deco-era heritage. With approximately 5,000 tickets sold for over 50 events that were able to take place, Festival organizers were truly delighted with how the revamped Festival went.

“The festival has a long tradition of bringing visitors to the area to celebrate the art deco era heritage of Napier and the region.” said festival director Greg Howie.

“Festival attendance this year, while not at the same level as previous years, the spirit and enthusiasm that locals and visitors have brought to the streets of Napier this year has been overwhelming. he event drew several thousand locals and visitors to the streets of Napier over the weekend,” said Howie. “The streets were definitely alive and bustling with lots of people flaunting their art deco fashion, with all the grace and style of the time. The inclusion of many vintage cars and drivers, many of whom came from outside the region to join in the festivities, added color and movement to the town. From an event planner perspective, we are thrilled with how the weekend celebration went. Bringing people to town, dining in restaurants, shopping, drinking in bars, and providing a much-needed economic boost to the region. We believe the Festival has been a great success, given the circumstances (COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines) to safely hold events and activities at this time.

The Art Deco Trust and Festival team would like to thank everyone who helped make this year’s festival an unforgettable event. A special thank you to all the participants who make the Festival the celebration of the whole city. The resilience and courage of Hawke’s Bay Residences continues to shine, after the Hawke’s Bay earthquakes of 1931 Hawke’s Bay has once again proven to stand out and match any area of ​​New Zealand .

As the 2022 Art Deco Festival was gone. The Trust is looking forward to bringing Winter Deco to Napier from 15-17 July 2022 and mark 15-20 February 2023 in your diaries for the Napier Art Deco Festival 2023!

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