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The Apex Legends Season 12 release date has finally arrived, as Defiance prepares to debut on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC. With the debut of a brand new character, a huge map update and plenty of new rewards to unlock, the new season of Apex Legends is set to kick off at 6pm GMT UK time. There is no server downtime as such, although players cannot intervene until they download the Season 12 update. downloaded and installed, users can begin sampling the new season, which launches alongside a Battle Pass. You can see the Season 12 Battle Pass content in the trailer below.

The Apex Legends Battle Pass costs 950 Apex Coins and features new Legendary skins for Loba and Seer.

This is in addition to the usual array of cosmetics, banners, and sprays, which unlock as you rise through the ranks in Season 12.

While the Battle Pass is perfect for fans looking for some extra motivation to keep grinding, it was the release of an all-new character that really captured fans’ imaginations.

Mad Maggie – who will be familiar to anyone paying attention to the ongoing story – is described as a “ruthless warlord and the baddest madwoman in the Outlands”.

Maggie is said to have enhanced shotgun proficiency, as well as the ability to dislodge enemies from cover. This makes it a good choice for players who like to go on the offensive.

Her passive ability temporarily highlights any characters you damage and allows her to maintain her speed while wielding shotguns.

Elsewhere, Maggie’s Wrecking Ball move sees her roll a ball that explodes near enemies and drops speed-boosting pads.

Along with a new character, developer Respawn has made major changes to the Olympus map.

The map introduces a few new points of interest, including the Phase Driver landmark, which produces loot while alerting enemies.

Fans can also check out the Terminal, which is a new internal POI that connects different parts of the map.

As part of its effort to introduce new locations, Respawn has been forced to expand the map outward, which means there are plenty of new platforms and small towns to fight in.

Fans will be able to experience the changes as part of a limited-time 9-v-9 mode called Control, where the goal is to capture various control points on the map. The mode is only available for three weeks, so be sure to check it out sometime in February.

Needless to say, it wouldn’t be a new season without a massive update, complete with balance changes, bug fixes, and general improvements. You can see the highlights of the Apex Legends Season 12 patch notes below.

Apex Legends Season 12 Patch Notes…

Character balance changes:


• Drone View HUD and other quality of life updates:

• Added game state (eg ring info, round timers), minimap, killfeed, team status, and ping info to drone HUD.

• Reused the old Drone HUD health/crypto shield layout to display the health of the drone itself.

• Survey Beacon markers are now displayed in the world when piloting the drone (similar to when controlling Crypto himself).


• Nox gas traps are now destructible after detonation

– 150hp

– Detonated traps will expire at 11s (instead of 12.5s)

– Gas effects persist for two seconds after the barrel is destroyed or expired (gas particles still persist a bit longer when they dissipate)

Balance of weapons and equipment:

• Rotate supply points

– The Alternator SMG returns to ground loot this season and taking its place is the powerful mid-range Energy Volt SMG.

• SMG alternator

– Disruptor rounds hop-up removed

•Volt SMG

– Damage increased from 15 to 17

– Maximum magazine size increased from 28 to 30

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