Alberta Children’s Hospital temporarily closes 75% of operating rooms


CALGARY – Alberta Children’s Hospital will close 75% of operating rooms by Monday, as the province looks for ways to deal with the COVID-19 crisis.

The hospital has entered level 4 of its pandemic response plan, which is the highest possible level.

“Closing operating rooms allows us to redeploy physicians and staff to adult sites,” said Kerry Williamson, spokesperson for Alberta Health Services (AHS), in a statement to 660 NEWS .

On Thursday, AHS President and CEO Dr Verna Yiu announced that they were postponing all surgeries, allowing only urgent, emerging and priority surgeries to continue.


“We recognize that postponing surgeries has a serious and potentially life-changing impact on patients, their families and loved ones. We are deeply sorry for those affected, ”said Williamson.

“However, our healthcare system is under unprecedented pressure and we must do everything possible to increase capacity so that we can treat patients who need intensive care.”

Alberta has asked for help from other provinces to deal with the fourth wave of the pandemic that threatens to collapse the health care system.

“There was a time when Ontario needed help too and other provinces helped us. We will certainly do the same to help Alberta, ”Christine Elliot, Ontario Minister of Health, said on Friday.

“Our leaders are discussing exactly what they need right now, and we’ll be there to support and help them.”

Newfoundland has also offered assistance, and Manitoba will supply Alberta with requested pharmaceuticals.

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