Abe’s classic car garage to open in October


BROCKTON, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) – A new vintage car garage seeks to provide space for vintage vehicle enthusiasts.

The two brothers Ted and Ben Resnikoff plan to open the Abe garage, named after the brothers’ grandfather, in Brockton in early October.

The idea for the garage first came to the Resnikoffs when Ted started keeping his car in a private garage and the owners lost his keys.

“When you think of car storage, you only have one job,” he said. “Don’t lose the keys.”

The brothers then decided to open their own garage where vintage car owners could keep their collections safe, their keys in their own pockets and take their cars out as they pleased.

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The Resniskoffs also hope the garage becomes a place for car enthusiasts to come together and build a community. Ted said they were planning to set up “a racing simulator, library, and big screen TV to watch the races.”

While Ted hopes to open the doors soon, he said the classic car community is ready for the garage opening.

“They’ve been coming in for three years saying, ‘what’s going on? When will it be open? We cannot wait, ”he said. “It’s just awesome. ”

Matt Shearer of WBZ (@MattWBZ) pulled for the details of this unveiling:

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