5 Interesting Bikes For Sale On Pinkbike Buy & Sell – What Do You Think?


Summer is fast approaching and many trails are performing as well as they ever will be. It is a good time of year for mountain biking in the northern hemisphere.

The Buy and Sell section of Pinkbike is full of everything from balance bikes to race-ready platforms, and this week I’m going to be taking a look to find a mix of bikes that are both interesting and sane for your vision, and potentially buying. some pleasure. I also listened to you in this you should decide if something is Sensitive, Interesting, or just not your cup of tea entirely. So i found some bikes and i am going to argue what i think they are and you can vote to see if you agree with me.

Disclaimer, this is a personal and subjective list, and also a list that I don’t really consider the price for, but it would be great to hear your thoughts and ideas. Believe it or not, I don’t really consider myself infallible, no matter how strong my cable routing notice May be. Shocking, I know. Maybe this is a bad example, because this is something that I’m very obviously 100% right about, but you see the picture.

There are a lot of good bikes on the Buy & Sell and I can only showcase a limited number. If you are looking, I have no doubt that you will find your own stable of drool-worthy bikes, but all I can say is, it’s mine.

Ladies and gentlemen, please, here are my 5 picks.

For sale: 2018 Antidote Darkmatter
Price: $ 6,750
Cut: L
Location: Bremerton, United States
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The Antidote is a bike I’ve always had a soft spot for. I have always considered them exotic and desirable. When I saw Reece Potter in Queenstown in 2017, I thought this was my only brief sighting in the wild. A week later, at the World Cup in Lourdes, I saw another one and being the fanboy that I am, I couldn’t believe my luck. Went back to UK, went for a ride the day after landing and saw another in the Forest of Dean! It was that odd time when these incredibly rare bikes seemed to pop up out of nowhere.

The person biking in the forest was Steve Jones, then from Dirt Mag. We discussed the bike and how it felt. I found him to be particularly chatty because the bike and its designer were right there in front of him. It wasn’t until working with Steve that later down the line that I realized that wasn’t it – he really considered the bike to be something special. I have always truly respected and admired Wildman Jones and since then my weakness for the Darkmatter has grown considerably softer. I would love to ride one someday if I ever get the chance.

The Darkmatter’s Kevlar and Vectran reinforced carbon is hand laid in Poland, the bottom bracket junction is a work of art and the shell shaped down tube is there to make sure the rocks throw a glance, rather than hitting outright. There are so many little details on these bikes. The closer you look, the better. I think it’s one of the few bikes that really lands in this “hyperbike” territory and it still looks amazing today.

Verdict – Interesting

For sale: 2019 Sant Cruz V10 29
Price: 6100 USD
Cut: XL
Location: Mission Viejo, United States
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It’s hard for me to say in a general statement whether or not a brand is worth the money charged or whether it’s good value for money. What you cherish will be different from the next runner. Some people are very spec driven and would take a full XT group thrown on the farm for a reasonable price and be grateful. Bikes are a fun thing in that most bikes work and a bike is no more and no less than a bike compared to a cheaper alternative. It will still roll on the slope and the suspension will always go up and down the same way. It’s often when you live with a bike that you value quality more than your first outing from the workshop.

As a mechanic, some brands would enter the store and you wouldn’t want to touch them with a barge pole … held by Inspector Gadget’s retractable arms … through a nuclear grade protective shield. . in another room. Santa Cruz has never been on this list and I have always found them well prepared. If I had to buy a used bike, I would probably go with a brand that was at least associated with quality to start with and stay away from the aforementioned farm gates.

The V-10 has plenty of travel at 215mm, an adjustable chainstay, and the specs on it are reassuringly level; Hope hubs on DT rims, Shimano drivetrain and Fox suspension. The carbon cranks are a bit racy for some, but I wouldn’t mind at all.

Verdict – Sensitive

For sale: 2021 Trek Slash 9.9
Price: 7,500 USD
Cut: L
Location: Park City, United States
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If Trek was a family member, it wouldn’t be the cousin who got his stomach pumped at 15 while drinking a bottle of tequila or the aunt who is an advocate for medicinal cannabis, but rather the in-laws. who wouldn’t mind. be seated next to a planned wedding at the table. They would tell you about their stable job, their stable relationship with well-defined boundaries and give you very good advice on your pension, all in a friendly and affable tone.

That’s not to say their bikes aren’t exciting, as I’m sure they are, especially with models like the new Slash, but I think that’s all the point of them and the place they occupy in my mind is that they are not meant to be wild and untamed but rather “we know what we are doing, and we are doing it right”. Sensible bikes that look great and manage to bridge the gap of the desirable. The Slash even comes with a storage compartment, for mini tequila or whatever you have in mind.

The 2021 Slash may share some aesthetic similarities with its predecessor, but it’s a very different bike. The bike has undergone the longer / looser treatment and features a 64-degree head angle and wide 486mm reach in a large. It also has a well-balanced spec with a mix of RockShox and SRAM. I am a huge fan of the XO1 Eagle drivetrain for an enduro bike. I remember years ago thinking, “Am I going to use a 50T?” It turns out, yes, and quite a lot. The RSC codes and the Zeb only improve his do-everything credentials.

Verdict – Sensitive

For sale: 2019 Guerrilla Severity Smash
Price: $ 4,500
Cut: Size 3
Location: Atlanta, United States
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Pragmatic bikes, for me, are like sour cream for a hope of Masterchef. So what makes a bike practical? Well, for starters he should have helped himself with geometry that was already slightly ahead of the curve. This is the most valuable type of sustainability. Gadgets and standards come and go, but if the bike’s geometry is bad, it’s a non-starter. Second, having a real fit is a big bonus. I’m not a flip chip fan, I’m talking real adjustment. This can be the chainstay adjustment, head angle or reach adjustment from the stock, or a degree of adjustability to the feel of the suspension. The Smash ticks two of those boxes so far and I haven’t even mentioned the modular design platform.

The modular design means you can change parts of the frame, such as the linkage and shock absorber, to make a very different bike. In the case of Guerilla Gravity, they sell “Seatstay Tuning Kits” to guide you through different intentions. I’m not saying it’s particularly cheap, but I think it’s a very sensible approach.

The size 3 frame, in its long orientation, has a reach of 481mm combined with an effective seat tube angle of 77 degrees. The head angle, with a 160mm fork, will be just a shade over 64 degrees. The specification, again, is simple but effective although I might be tempted to put a 203mm rotor up front and keep the one I remove as a spare. Other than that, it looks absolutely read to rip.

Verdict – Sensitive

For sale: 1992 Klein Attitude HLF
Price: 2,800 USD
Cut: 17 “
Location: Nevada City, United States
See the buy and sell list

Hold on to your hats, we have a living one.

Klein’s signature two-tone paint is synonymous with the brand. Unlike the similar styles you can see today, the performance on the Kleins meant it really looked like two different bikes, depending on your stance. This bike ranges from full blueberry, across the spectrum of the various sunburns I suffered as a kid in the fierce West Midlands heat, to a truly bursting pink. As beautiful as this bike is, I have no shame in saying it’s a little over my pay. So I spoke to the resident expert from the 90s of PB, RC.

Well, I identified all of the items they listed. The date is correct and the parts are correct for the time. The ends of the bars are Control Tech, I believe. The pedals are Deore XT and would have toe clips installed. The Mag 21 fork was the best you could get at the time (identifiable by the two-bolt crown). Total XC racing heritage. Check out the track-style rear dropout … More solid (pre-replaceable suspension era), but nasty to take out the rear wheel for a mid-run repair. This is the perfect bike to illustrate the PB podcast we did on Trends. The one-piece bar / rod was a success for Klein. Not so much for anyone else since. Klein made a lot of money on fade paint jobs … it resulted in a lot of copies, but Taiwanese manufacturers couldn’t produce decent paint jobs at the time, so knockoffs sucked. Klein was also the pioneer of oversized helmets with the bearings pressed into the head tube, as we use it today (Cannondale too).

Pressed into the BB bearings too. A number of us have done this to get larger bearings in there and to space them farther down the hull.


Can this be considered reasonable? Well that would definitely miss the point. One thing is certain, it is absolutely beautiful.

Verdict – Very interesting

What did I miss? Who found a hidden gem? Can a vintage bike really be wise?

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