2022 Pork Spleen Forecast Shows Cooler Temperatures Ahead

One of the most interesting weather forecasts came at the end of 2021 when the pig spleen forecast was released telling us what to expect weather-wise this winter and summer.

Jeff Woodward is the hog spleen forecaster at Cobler Farm near Gull Lake, Saskatchewan, and his predictions have proven to be quite accurate over the past year.

Again this year, predictions came from a single spleen from a free-range happy pig obtained from Jaime and Clint Cobler, raised near Gull Lake, Saskatchewan. Several Rates were examined, and this was by far the most revealing.

On December 20, 2021, the Prognosis was completed at my brother’s. No entertainment was present due to Covid restrictions. But to ensure accuracy, some spirits, namely aquavit, were tasted in the traditional Scandinavian way.

For a refresher course, in order to make a prediction, the spleen is divided into six equal parts, representing the months of the year from January to June. According to tradition, you cannot make a forecast outside of this time frame, or it breaks the rules. Violating Viking lore risks not entering Valhalla, so charlatans who might claim to make similar predictions might be cautious.

There is fat on the spleen which, when interpreted correctly, will tell you the temperature and weather forecast for the coming year. Any abnormalities in the spleen, such as bumps or scars, indicate cold weather or a significant weather event at that time.

Last year, the spleen had very strange characteristics, and we did indeed have an odd year with all the shenanigans in the USA with Donald Trump at the start of the year and with Covid in general. This year’s spleen is pretty mundane, meaning we’ll see a gradual return to a more normal way of life as we get past or get used to all the issues of Covid 19.

Based on the fat in this spleen, the winter and spring of 2022 will be colder than we are used to, and we will have more precipitation than normal.

Bear in mind this is a pig of climate change so even if the temperatures show colder than normal weather the elders will say it’s nothing compared to what we had used to living. It will start with below normal temperatures in January, but warm up considerably just before the middle of the month. After that it will get progressively colder and generally stay colder until the end of April. May and June will be about normal but will have little to no precipitation. Although it will be colder than normal, temperatures will be turbulent with drastic changes from the warm spells framed by cold and wind.

January February

January will start colder than usual for about the first ten days, as temperatures will remain very cold until about January 12th. After that, a significant warming trend will last about a week, then temperatures will gradually decrease again. Temperatures will drop each day until the end of the month, when they will warm slightly and stay warm for a few days. Abnormally cold temperatures on January 22 are to be expected.

The cooling trend will be accompanied by light snowfall and will add heavier snowfalls on January 26th. Temperatures will remain cold towards the end of January and into February.

Temperatures in February will gradually improve as the month progresses. Expect a warming trend on February 5 and 9, where snow and rain are again possible. There will be snow again around February 20, which could become a blizzard and again at the very end of the month and at the beginning of March. Expect chilly winds with the cold weather.

March April

March will start with snow at the beginning of the month and then again in the middle of the month. There will be one or two very hot days around March 12 which will be followed by snow in the next few days. In general, temperatures will gradually improve throughout the month, but it will be cold to colder than normal.

April will see continued improvement with temperatures remaining below normal but not as significant as previous months. Expect another episode of snow around April 7. April will tend to see average to above average temperatures until the very end of the month, then it will cool down considerably around April 27th. The spleen shows a major episode of snow and rain around April. 21.

May June

At the end of April, temperatures will drop very quickly to mild and more normal temperatures. There are episodes of rain in early May around May 2 and again around May 22 but shortly after, until the very end of June. June will be a normal month in temperature but dry until the end of the month.

“I used to cough to mask the sound of a fart, but now I fart to mask the sound of a cough.”

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