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If you want to make a statement, this is a car that will do just that. Whether it’s the country club, an upscale restaurant, or just visiting friends, this car will turn heads! And the ride is exactly what you expect … quiet and smooth.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking. The Old Car Column traditionally has stories about old cars and this car isn’t really that old. That said, this Cadillac – at 29 years old – does qualify for “vintage automobile” license plates.

I spotted this semi-vintage Cadillac sedan at Quayle Automotive, a gas station and auto service provider in Fairview Heights, Illinois. This isn’t the first older Cadillac I see in this business – a former Mobilgas gas station – which is itself rather antique, dating back at least 50 years under the ownership of the Quayle family. Just like the 1967 Cadillac I mentioned for the Sunday September 5th edition of the OCC, this one is in excellent condition!

Based on the Fleetwood Sixty Special, the Brougham d’Elegance was a premium executive class sedan and, as defined by Cadillac ad gurus, “America’s longest (full-length) regular production automobile,” giving you uncompromising luxury for six passengers with all the amenities. The overall length of the Brougham was 221 inches, its wheelbase was 121.5.

Additional cost options on this Brougham included the Elegance package ($ 360); Elegance leather interior ($ 2,245 – Whoa!); Locking wheel covers ($ 445 – again!) and a full vinyl roof ($ 925). These were expensive options! In 2021 dollars, these would be $ 740; $ 4,613; $ 914 and $ 1,901, respectively.

Don’t expect this car to be a hot rod by any stretch of the imagination. The Brougham Mammoth weighed 4,282 pounds in shipping weight and was the longest model in total length at 221 inches – 15.4 inches longer and 575 pounds more than the full-size DeVille sedan.

Standard power was provided by a small 305 cubic inch (5.0 liter) V8 that produced just 170 horsepower. An optional 350 cube (5.7 liters), the V-8 was offered. However, a gain of only 15 horsepower was achieved. Both engines were supplied by fuel injection into the throttle body.

The Cadillac Brougham d’Elegance might not have been the fastest car in the country club, but when you pulled up to the door people noticed you had arrived!

Rumor has it that this Brougham d’Elegance could soon hit the market. If you are interested in purchasing this car, please email me at [email protected], or call me at 314-327-FINS (3467) and I will forward your message to the owner.

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