11 things you can do in watchOS 8 that you couldn’t do before

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Apple has yet to release the next generation Apple Watch Series 7, but the latest annual software update for Apple watches has just arrived. The watchOS 8 update, which can be installed right now for Apple Watch Series 3 and later, brings some cool new features that make your old Apple Watch feel instantly upgraded. Here’s everything you should check out first.

1. Pay more attention

The Apple Watch Breathe app has disappeared, or rather been renamed Mindfulness, reflecting its more holistic approach to your mental health. Breathing routines have expanded and been joined by a new reflection feature to help you take the time to think more deliberately throughout the day. Fitness + subscribers also benefit from guided meditations.

2. Show a portrait watch face

With watchOS 8, you can now set a portrait photo of a person who matters a lot to you as the primary face of your wearable watch, just so you don’t forget what it looks like. You set this new portrait watch face just like you do any other, from the Faces gallery in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Then choose the portrait photo you want to display.

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3. Text more easily

Messages get substantial improvements this time around, with the Digital Crown now acting as a way to move the text cursor for easier editing, and the same text entry area used to enter squiggles, emojis, and characters. GIF. The refreshed interface should allow you to compose more messages on the watch itself and in a shorter amount of time.

4. Set multiple timers

Never let it be said that Apple can’t innovate, because with the watchOS 8 update installed, you can finally set multiple timers to work next to each other. As always, you can set them through the Timers app on your watch, or with a “Hey Siri” voice command, and you can give each specific timer a label to make them easier to identify.

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5. Find your other Apple devices

With watchOS 8, you have two new apps for locating other gadgets: Find Items (which searches for AirTags and other similar trackers) and Find Devices (which searches for connected Apple hardware like iPhones, iPads, and Macs). There is the option to receive alerts when your Apple Watch is separated from other devices, such as your iPhone, if you want to activate it.

6. See more detailed weather forecast

If you open the Weather app after installing watchOS 8, you will see that there are some improvements. There’s also support for severe weather notifications, rainfall alerts over the next hour, and some updated weather complications to play with on your watch face. As before, scroll down to see all the available data.

7. Control your smart home more easily

The Home app for the Apple Watch has been redesigned and improved with the arrival of watchOS 8. You now have more control over the various HomeKit devices connected to Apple’s smart home platform, and you can even consult the feeds of compatible devices. smart video cameras directly on the watch without having to use your iPhone.

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8. Unlock more doors

The capabilities of the Apple Watch Wallet app are enhanced with the arrival of watchOS 8. There is ultra-broadband support for digital car keys, the ability to unlock and start mobile-compatible cars, and house and hotel keys can also be added digitally. . In some states, you can also add your driver’s license or state ID to the Wallet app, although it’s probably a bit easier to use on your iPhone.

9. Track respiratory rate

With watchOS 8 installed, Apple Watches are able to track respiratory rate (the number of breaths per minute) while you sleep, as well as other data like heart rate. Explore your sleep data on Apple Watch or view it through the Health app on your connected iPhone to see measurements that have been recorded over time.

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10. Get even more workouts

The Apple Watch is now able to more accurately track two types of training: Tai Chi and Pilates. You can find them in the Workout app if you scroll down, and Apple says both are “supported by powerful, validated, and customized heart rate and motion algorithms to provide users with accurate calorie readings. “while tracking is active.

11. Keep your focus

Like iPhones, iPads, and Macs, Apple Watch supports new Focus profiles that let you set custom Do Not Disturb rules for different scenarios (office, gym, car, etc.). They can be very useful if you take the time to set them up correctly, and the easiest way to do that is to open the settings on your connected iPhone and choose To concentrate.

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